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Ron Delnevo

Chair at UK Cash Supply Alliance
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Bio My focus:preserving choice in every aspect of life.Thought Leader & Keynote Speaker on Financial Service, including the importance of Payment Choice. Career History Leadership roles in a variety of organisations. Twenty years heavy involvement in Financial Services. Currently leading consultant, with a focus on payments, innovation and new business launches.



Improving Cash Access in the UK

24 Sep 2020

Cash access is a huge issue in the UK today. To help address the issue, UK Finance established the Community Cash Access Pilot Scheme, to encourage innovative companies to provide new solutions for cash access. Now the Pilot Scheme Board has announced the innovations it has decided to support. A good example of the solutions selected is Sonect, the...

Financial Supply Chain

US coin shortage a DISASTER for cash!

04 Jul 2020

Cock up - or a conspiracy? Whichever it is, this shortage of coins is a disaster for cash. Many retailers are looking for excuses to limit cash use and this shortage is a gift to them as they pursue their “cashless” ambitions. Cash is an essential item on the Payment Choice menu. The right to use cash is even more fundamental to US democracy than t...

Financial Inclusion

Give Cash a Great Big Hug!

04 Jun 2020

My love affair with cash started with my parents. I was born in the 1950s, entering the world just as the UK was finally leaving World War 2 rationing behind. In those far off days, there was plenty of poverty – but little debt. The financial system really didn’t allow the general public to have significant debt. Personal loans from a bank or build...

The future of Payments in Europe

Cash: The Comeback-Kid?

04 Jun 2020

There is much speculation about the extent of the comeback cash will make after the latest pandemic is behind us. To be fair, cash has had a bit of a tough ride. Lockdowns impacting more than half the worlds population have lured people into the clutches of internet shopping - and, as we all know, paying by cash on the internet is a bit tricky! On...

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ATMs can become thing of past

  This blog, in focusing on the UK, makes assumptions that are incorrect. ATMs elsewhere on the planet ARE substitutes for bank branches. The fact that UK ATMs do NOT offer a variety of financial services transactions points to a lack of investment in community customer services, something considered unacceptable in many other countries. Even in the UK, it is wrong to suggest cash withdrawals are the only service on offer. Balance enquires and similar services account for more than 1/3rd of all ATM activity. The recent Access to Cash Report revealed 97% - YES, 97% - of UK adults continue to carry cash and nearly half of them - 25 million adults - would have their lives seriously disrupted if cash is not conveniently available. Cash is not a Minority Interest - the majority of people continue to choose to use cash and MUST be free to do so. They are entitled to have Payment Choice. As regards how this vital cash is supplied, ATMs are the ONLY channel that works for the vast majority of the public - which is why ATMs meet over 90% of the UK’s cash needs today. Cash from retailers tills - “cash back” - can augment cash from ATMs BUT never replace it. The figures are easy to understand. The average free-to-use UK ATM delivers £3 Million cash per annum; a local community shop, usually (from Association of Convenience Stores own figures) achieves total sales of less than £1 Million a year - and 25% or more of those sales are card-based. So, clearly, such a shop cannot possibly deliver £3 Million per year via “cash back”, to replace a lost ATM. What we - the UK Public -need is not misguided and unworkable schemes to replace ATMs. What we DO need is legal protections put in place to guarantee the future provision of Smart ATMs - allowing deposit, recycling and withdrawal of cash - in EVERY community, ATMs which CAN replace the dodo-emulating bank branches. Such legal protection will safeguard ACCESS to cash for individuals and businesses around the UK. We also need ACCEPTANCE of cash guaranteed by law, so that no business which accepts in-person payments is permitted to refuse cash for payment. Other markets have such laws. The UK must follow their lead, in the Public Interest. No further blogs required. The answers are provided in what I have just keyed.