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Pooja Golakonda

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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Can digital currency sustain the test of technology and costs?

24 Mar 2022

Generations over a period of time moved from a metallic currency to coins and then to paper notes which ultimately got legalized in the form of Cash (i.e. Govt printed bank notes) issued by the Central banks of the respective countries. That was continuing till this age and a breakthrough was brought in the form of bitcoins and Distributed ledger ...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Who says elephants can’t dance?

22 Apr 2021

There is this pandemic which has changed several equations. No doubt there is a need to be more and more digital to ensure resiliency. While this started long back in retail banking and is also now reaching the maturity stage, what comes as a surprise for me is the way the corporate banking is transitioning. This has started even before covid has ...


Safety nets on the Cloud Highway

31 Mar 2021

Safety nets on the Cloud Highway Whatever could be the reason, worldwide cloud enabled banking transformations has picked pace at an unprecedented speed. Evidence is everywhere like the raise of Opex models, higher share of SAAS offerings, Digital only branches, and usage of Multi tenancy etc. So is also the raise of leakages and the attacks on th...


COVID vs HUMANoidS: 'Your enemy’s enemy is your friend'

31 Jul 2020

The whole world is fighting against Covid. The once so intimidating robots suddenly seem to be the new found friends in this battle for a safe Earth. Now all those critics who thought robots are threat to life are re-thinking, when they see these machines move around to deliver medicine, check vitals, disinfect premises and even conduct tests. We ...