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AVP, Payments Innovation Technology Solutions at TD Bank Group
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Bio Technology executive fascinated with and focused on payments innovation. All opinions are my own and not of my current nor prior employers Career History


Futuristic Banking

WANTED: Voice Browser Standard

07 Jan 2019

Popularity of voice bot frameworks using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise today. Even blockchain can’t compete with Alexa and Google Home anymore, in terms of the attention they are getting. They are in the press, on the radio and TV shows, basically everywhere. Techies and corporate executives, a w...


The Holy Grail of Successful Corporate Innovation

24 Nov 2018

Many corporate leaders hire external consultants for advice on HOW innovation teams shall be structured, or what processes they shall follow. However, I believe relying on external expertise for such advice may not be the most effective use of corporate funds, because innovation is not something that should be imposed in a form of a declaration or...

Innovation in Financial Services

WANTED: Innovation Process Management Tool

11 Aug 2018

How does one recognize and distinguish the serious innovation? What separates real innovators from those which aren’t so serious about it? The true innovators are actually able to maintain a discipline of innovation. For them it is a habit, the second nature, basically something they naturally keep doing day in and day out. There is no prescribed ...


Blockchain Observations

Blockchain Immutability ... Blessing or Curse?

03 Jun 2018

I need to warn you right from the start. If you think that the ‘immutability’ of a blockchain is its most useful and precious feature, think again. What you may own today, in either Bitcoin, Ether or XRP cryptocurrency (or any ‘ERC20 token’, for that matter) may become useless, once quantum computing emerges as a threat to today’s public key crypt...


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Why W3C Web Payment Standardisation Won’t Be The 3D Secure Killer

  Hi Sadra thanks for your own article as a direct response to this one. I have read your arguments and understand your reasoning. I may need to clarify the basic premise of my theory ... I do agree that W3C Web Payment Standardization won't kill 3DS immediatelly and I also generally agree with most of observations in your counter-article (not all though). However IMO, over time, as every single 'obstacle to wide adoption of W3C Web Payment Standardization' that you listed here is eliminated, 3DS will most likely become obsolete ... simply because there would be no '3 domains' anymore ... we will simply have Merchant Domain and Issuer Domain only, mediated directly by the compliant browser. There will be no need for Merchant Plug-Ins, 3DS Directories, 3DS flow, etc, etc. In future W3C compliant Web Payment world, once the Issuer W3C compliant Payment App is triggered (and I see most major FIs becoming main providers of these), the Issuer's W3C compliant Payment App can use any authentication method to securely and reliably authenticate the customer and guarantee payment. How long will it take for W3C Web Payment Standard to become widespread? I beilieve 5 years from now, the funny current "Nascar of pay-with buttons" on online merchant sites, shall be replaced with only 1 PAY button. But fully agree with you - FIs may be slow (innovative ones and clearly aware of the W3C potential and are catching up quickly though), politics of current players play a big role, etc.  Hope this clarifies my thinking.