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Bio Founder of 8081 Career History Ronen is the founder of 8081. a leading provider of crypto trading automation, designed to meet the unique needs of both traditional retail investors and institutional licensed brokers.


Cryptocurrency Insights

Restoring Trust, Safety and Security to the Crypto Market

20 Feb 2024

In the intricate realm of cryptocurrency, the concept of trust is not just important; it is the very foundation upon which the industry stands or falls. When individuals harbor doubts about investments or financial matters, it creates a hesitancy to explore new technologies or invest in innovative projects. This sense of caution is not exclusive t...

Cryptocurrency Insights

Recent Moves By SEC Pose Potentially Good News for Greater Global Acceptance and ETF User Adoption

05 Dec 2023

The recent paradigm shift towards a more regulated and trustworthy environment by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lays an important foundation for retail users and institutions to wholeheartedly re-embrace the emerging era of digital assets and spark renewed interest in ETFs. To comprehend what is driving this it is crucial to rea...