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Bio Archax is a regulated, institutional-grade digital assets exchange for trading cryptocurrencies and security tokens. Based in London and founded by experts from the financial markets, Archax offers a credible bridge between the crypto world and the traditional investment space. Career History Before joining Archax, Simon held a number of senior commercial positions with Fidessa, Regus, MarketEye, Primark and ICV.


Capital Markets Technology

Disrupting Financial Markets 1 - The Issuer

20 Aug 2020

There has and continues to be much talk around digital securities or security tokens, which are securities represented digitally on a blockchain. Many advantages are talked about on how they will disrupt financial services and democratise capital markets for everyone. But to what extent are the advantages down to the technology, a renewed way of t...


Capital Markets Technology

Tokenised Assets: The Next Evolution in Capital Markets

29 Nov 2018

The capital markets structure of today is firmly rooted in modus operandi that have existed for decades. Although technology has transformed how firms actually trade financial markets and manage their investments, the basic processes remain broadly unchanged – particularly when it comes to raising capital. However, this is all changing as the adve...


Fintech innovation and startups

CMOaaS Proven marketing skills, as and when you need them

12 Mar 2018

In today’s fast paced, cost-conscious world, marketing often gets overlooked–and yet for small and growing firms in particular, it is a vital activity that needs to be done. And needs to be done well. New FinTech firms, for example, are often trying to establish themselves on the global stage and get across sometimes complex messaging to an audienc...

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Royalblue scores big fat zero with Gartner

  Paul, from your comments at the end of your posting, it's clear that you understand and appreciate the key rationale behind this acquisition. We're very pleased to see that.The problem with research notes like the one you commented on, is that if the background analysis and assumptions are not 100% correct, the wrong conclusions can be drawn. As a successful, independent, global software technology vendor to financial markets participants across the board, royalblue already has many clients from both the buy-side and the sell-side communities. Consequently we are significantly different to the "sell-side institutions" such as ITG to which the report compares us. In addition, the survey that the report cites claiming that LatentZero is a supplier to just tier 2 asset managers (with less than $25billion assets under management) is incorrect.  The company has 13 tier 1 clients managing more than this level of assets in the US alone!  We would agree that buy-side firms could well be concerned if their OMS vendor was owned by a sell-side firm. There would then clearly be the potential for a conflict of interest in routing order flow, and any real synergies that might benefit the buy-side clients are difficult to see. However, our deal is the first acquisition by an independent, purely technology focused vendor, bringing together proven market-leading solutions for both the buy-side and sell-side, so it really is very different. In fact, the speculation that LatentZero clients might be unhappy with this acquisition couldn't be further from the truth. Both royalblue and LatentZero buy-side clients have been very positive and supportive of the deal and see that it will deliver real benefits to them and the marketplace going forward. And in our view, they are the people that really count.