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ChatGPT and Other Types of Generative AI Will Help Automate Your Financial Crimes Case Management Pr

30 Mar 2023

In banking and technology, ChatGPT and other types of generative AI is on most people’s mind. In talking with clients they are starting to explore how generative AI can be leveraged to enhance their financial crimes prevention processes. Given that executives are under pressure to reduce costs while managing risk a very logical question to finan...

Exposing Financial Crime

Event Driven Know Your Customer Reviews….Yes it is Inevitable

20 Sep 2022

In talking with clients about their strategy around perpetual or event based know your customer (“KYC”) risk approaches there are two different groups: firms that have started implementing an event based KYC approach and those that have not but understand that they will need to in the future. Change and transformation is hard. Firms need to s...


Maximize Your Fraud Detection Through Holistic Fraud Case Management

25 Aug 2022

It may seem counterintuitive that focusing on centralizing your fraud case management functions can lead to better fraud detection. In conversations with fraud professionals they often mention when evaluating a fraud detection solution they focus much of their attention on how well the system detects fraud and user experience. This approach make...