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World Retail Congress 2014: Omni-channel Security

02 Oct 2014

On the second day at World Retail Congress 2014, I was fortunate enough to moderate a panel discussion looking at what steps the industry is taking to ensure security across the variety of transactional channels that exist today. Providing the perspectives were Ajay Bhalla, President, Enterprise Security for MasterCard, Pingki Houang, COO with sho...


World Retail Congress 2014: The Future of Payments

30 Sep 2014

One of the stream sessions on the first afternoon, Sarah Quinlan, Senior Vice President, Market Insights at MasterCard Advisors, and Bernie Brooks, CEO of Myer, looked ahead to what the future may hold in the payments space. Quinlan began by noting that the way the payments space is evolving is all driven by the great recession following the global...

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Reinventing the banking business model for the digital world

03 Dec 2020

With rapidly changing consumer spending trends, the rise of e-commerce, and the growth and success of both fintechs and big technology companies in the financial services space, the banking industry needs to innovate and adapt quickly to remain relevant. Digital demand soars Perhaps the biggest trend in financial services, is the digitisation of th...


The evolving European payments landscape

26 Nov 2020

Transaction speeds are increasing. Faster payments rails and instant transaction policies are being rolled out across the world, particularly so in Europe. Key to this change in the payments landscape is the change in consumer behaviour, driven by mobile and digital channels and the growth of e-commerce. Consumer demand for instant accessible paym...