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Bio Vaibhav Sharma has 23 years of experience in IT from software development, Project management, Hiring and Brand marketing and Improvement. With his versatile Technical and non-Technical exposure and skills he drives companies and start ups on the growth path by creating a productive ecosystem for rapid growth.


Big Data

How To Develop A Scalable Application Using AWS Cloud?

26 Aug 2022

An application's scalability is as vital as its functionality and user interface. It is much more critical if your software will service more than a million users in the future. This blog will teach you how to scale your app to 1 million users on AWS. Assume you've constructed a web application and have a few clients. After some comments and ideas...

Business Knowledge for IT

An Explanatory Guide on Outsourcing SAP Software Solutions

25 May 2022

What is SAP? Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing are commonly known as SAP. SAP is the name of both the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and the company. They develop software to help businesses manage their operations and customer relationships. The SAP system includes numerous integrated modules that accumulate just a...