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Bio Founder and CEO of Percentile, specialists in Risk Technology for financial services. Risk aggregation, scenario analysis, market data automation are components of our RiskMine platform to deliver holistic Risk Technology solutions. Career History After many years of investment banking technology, with roles including Head of Front Office & Risk Technology at KBC Investments and Global Head of Risk Technology at KBC Financial Products, my team and I founded Percentile in 2014.



Don’t Risk It: Demand More from your Risk Technology

20 Apr 2015

Six key tenants for risk technology platforms, to ensure they can handle risk calculations, aggregation and reporting requirements in ever more complex and fragmented market structures. Given events in the financial sector in the past decade, it’s safe to say all eyes are on risk. In the context of lessons learned from the financial crisis, the B


Looking beyond regulations, is there a business case for Risk Technology?

16 Mar 2015

The financial crisis exposed a number of weaknesses in the financial industry’s ability to assess, realise and mitigate risk on a very public scale. The knock-on effect of this exposure has been, and continues to be, vast with financial institutions being subject to heavy scrutiny from regulators. The expectation on banks to demonstrate increased ...