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Dennis Van Der Vecht

Dennis Van Der Vecht

Head of Sales & Blockchain Lead at 10Clouds
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Bio I'm a Head of Sales at 10Clouds, a Central European FinTech and Blockchain software development house. Feel free to reach out to me with any queries related to creating a blockchain platform from scratch, scaling your team, enhancing your UX, developing a DApp (from Exchange to NFT Marketplace), creating a Smart Contract and much more. Career History I'm proud to have had the opportunity to connect with many inspiring DeFi companies from across the world as part of my role at 10Clouds, and play a part in bringing more than 30 blockchain products to life. I'm currently particularly curious about the future of NFTs.


Blockchain Observations

Multichain Vs Ethereum — The battle is on

26 Nov 2021

Research conducted by GrandReview has shown that the blockchain market is set to reach USD 394.60 billion by 2028 and there’s no sign of this rapid growth slowing down any time soon. When blockchain was in its infancy, it was the domain of close-knit communities but it has now expanded to cover large enterprises, investors and even regional govern...