Uldis Teraudkalns

Uldis Teraudkalns

CEO at Nexpay
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Transaction Banking

E-money takes centre stage: 8 trends fueling EMIs growth in banking

25 Jan 2024

Uldis Tēraudkalns, CEO of Nexpay We’ve come a long way since Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) first appeared in the 2000s. 20 years ago, there was concern about where this e-money trend was taking banking. But time has proved the doubters wrong. According to a KPMG report, in Europe (not counting the UK) between 2017 and 2021, 852 firms were g...


Why the future of money is hybrid

21 Mar 2023

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read breathless blogs about the imminent collapse of fiat currencies and the mass adoption of all things to do with Web3 and cryptocurrencies. I can only assume that there is a large group of people who believe - or want you to believe - that a lever is about to be pulled, ejecting the whole world of traditional f...


Digital assets should return to the spotlight

16 Jan 2023

2022 was a rocky year for the digital assets industry, with significant market value losses. The FTX scandal hampered the trust of crypto investors and the industry in general. These hardships are only temporary, as the previous crypto cycles have shown. Even though this crypto winter did not follow the usual cycle trends, blockchain technology sh...


3 ways to maintain your perspective in crypto winter 3

22 Nov 2022

Advocates of new technologies often like to think they exist outside the usual rules and trends of business. There are plenty of signposts for how this usually works out. The most famous is the “hype cycle” from tech high priests, Gartner. In the cycle, a new tech emerges, sounds exciting and gets hyped out of sight until it reaches “the peak of ...