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Digital assets should return to the spotlight

16 Jan 2023

2022 was a rocky year for the digital assets industry, with significant market value losses. The FTX scandal hampered the trust of crypto investors and the industry in general. These hardships are only temporary, as the previous crypto cycles have shown. Even though this crypto winter did not follow the usual cycle trends, blockchain technology sh...


3 ways to maintain your perspective in crypto winter 3

22 Nov 2022

Advocates of new technologies often like to think they exist outside the usual rules and trends of business. There are plenty of signposts for how this usually works out. The most famous is the “hype cycle” from tech high priests, Gartner. In the cycle, a new tech emerges, sounds exciting and gets hyped out of sight until it reaches “the peak of ...


Bitcoin’s real credibility test comes now

10 Jun 2022

Crypto values have taken a hammering since December ‘21. Now comes the test of how committed the industry is to its claims of mass adoption. “It’s money 2.0, a huge, huge, huge deal,” investor Chamath Palihapitiya famously once said about Bitcoin and, since those early days, talk about mass adoption has remained high on the crypto agenda. There ar...


Crypto compliance - a challenge that has to be solved in 2022

09 Mar 2022

Compliance remains a huge headache for crypto operators and buyers. We simply have to get to grips with it in 2022. The picture was not pretty in 2021. Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, was investigated by the U.S. Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service, trying to get to grips with potential money laundering. Authoritie...