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Karthikeyan Rengasamy

Chief Architect and Research Scholar at TATA Consultancy Services
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Bio Seasoned Enterprise Architect with strong IT Architectural Design, Management and Execution skills. Experience in Banking, Financial and Capital Markets Industry focusing on Strategic Enterprise Architecture Solution and Solution Design. For more info please visit Career History 20 years of experience in IT Architecture Solution Design. Skillset cuts across the technology platforms from legacy to cloud and beyond. Holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering.


Capital Markets Technology

Maximize Return on Investment with Quantum Portfolio Optimization

22 Feb 2024

Every investment involves some level of risk. Investors typically seek higher returns to compensate for increased investment risks. While higher risk may result in higher returns, an optimised portfolio will result in higher returns at a lower risk. However, the return on an investment is determined by both the risk and the investment strategy. Op...

Capital Markets Technology

Reinvent option pricing in capital markets using quantum computing

05 Mar 2023

Introduction Derivatives have a huge impact on modern finance as the financial markets are benefited by them in several ways. Derivative contract is a financial instrument whose value is determined from the price of one or more underlying assets. Typically, it is issued between an issuer and the holder with a contract expiry date, which is valid u...

Capital Markets Technology

Accelerate Risk Management in Capital Markets using Quantum Risk Analysis

28 Oct 2022

Stock markets volatility is commonly associated with investment risk. However, if the risk is effectively managed, it can also generate solid returns for investors. The investment managers and investors acknowledge that they must consider factors other than the expected rate of return for better prediction and decision-making. The decision-making ...

Capital Markets Technology

Leap Forward with Quantum Algorithms in High Frequency Trading

27 Jun 2022

For almost half a century, scientists across the world have put significant efforts in building quantum computers and were looking at use cases for wider adoption. Quantum Computing is a parallel computing system in nature, so it is of no surprise that it is gaining traction in a wide variety of businesses, especially in the financial services se