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Nick Jackson

Nick Jackson

Finance Transformation Leader at Oracle
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Bio Nick leads the business strategy teams at Oracle, focusing on deploying Oracle Cloud solutions to drive innovation within finance operations, strategy and performance management. Career History Prior to joining Oracle, Nick held senior operational roles within UK central government, and was a management consultant with EY and Capgemini, helping local and central government organisations to improve their performance management, business planning and efficiency. Nick is active in supporting the management accounting profession and has recently served as President of CIMA.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

A new generation of accountants is driving business strategy

10 Oct 2022

It is proving tough in today’s economic climate to continue on the road to post-pandemic recovery. Many companies are still adapting to new hybrid and remote ways of working and taking cautious steps to make their systems and supply chains more resilient. As the ‘cost of doing business’ rises, many firms face turning to their customers to help abs...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Embracing and adapting to the possibilities of AI

07 Jun 2021

On the whole, most of us have come to accept that AI and automation are inevitably going to make an impact in our everyday lives – if they haven’t already. For accountants and finance professionals, this may have been a slow, deliberate path. We have traditionally been protective of our expertise and the insights we bring. We have put our faith in...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Finance processes need more than just new tech: they need a rethink

19 May 2021

The pandemic has been a pivotal moment for finance teams. Under intense pressure, COVID-19 forced leaders to adapt – fast. But now, we’re at a crossroads. The technology that enabled us to balance the books whilst working from home is embedded, and working well. However, we’re now facing the prospect of heading back into the office – so what happe...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Easing the burden of business budgeting

29 Apr 2021

In one of the most testing years in all of our lives, few have been under more pressure than accountants and finance professionals. At home, our financial anxieties have more than tripled since the pandemic began. At work, finance teams have been relied upon to keep the ship afloat and make tough decisions. But while the global economy will take ...