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Open Banking

Open banking was set to transform finance. What happened?

28 Sep 2021

Open banking was set to herald a new dawn when it was introduced back in 2018. But, three years on, we’re still waiting for the innovation and growth it promised to materialise. It’s time we took a hard look at what went wrong and what our sector must do to enter a new era of consumer empowerment and banking change. Top-down tension One of the chi...


Digital Banking Trends

The digital banking genie is out of the bottle

11 May 2021

For millions of people, banking today is leaps and bounds better than it was even a decade ago, when payments took days instead of minutes to clear. This was before the era of smartphones and mobile banking or the idea of bringing smarter banking capabilities to their fingertips, no matter where you were. Beyond the fintech revolution, banks still...

Long reads

A return to relationship banking

04 Jan 2021

The move away from customer-centric banking was so gradual that we barely noticed it. There was a time when having a personal relationship with your local branch manager who you met with regularly, understood your finances and gave you advice was commonplace. Digital technology changed this, focusing on convenience, increasing competition and maki...