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Founder & CEO at Competitive Compliance
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Bio FinTech Compliance & Regulations expert, Founder & CEO at Competitive Compliance, Co-founder of AskTheOi, Host of Compliance That Makes Sense Career History After more than 10 years of experience in corporate finance followed by leading regional compliance for Amazon and PayPal Yana has helped numerous FinTech pioneers build scalable compliance programs and secure over a dozen financial licenses across the globe. She is a frequently invited speaker at FinTech conferences and a regular commentator in the media on current FinTech trends, regulatory changes and best compliance practices. She is also the host of a podcast Compliance That Makes Sense. She approaches compliance as an iterative agile tech project and showcases how it can operate as an agile and scalable function within FinTechs. She holds a Ms. Sc in Economics from the University of Helsinki and an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.


Sustainable compliance

The Evolution Of Compliance And How To Future-proof It

27 Oct 2020

Every compliance expert who was asked "Where do you see compliance five years from now" in 2015 probably got it wrong. Over the past five years, financial institutions across the globe have made considerable progress in building compliance capabilities. However, the progress has not been uniform. Most of them are still not fully complian...