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Operational Risk Management

Expanding from Risk to Resilience - Make Your Organisation 'Anti-Fragile'

28 Sep 2020

Moving from simple risk management to real resilience is a critical new capability that organisations are striving to attain. Teams seek to quickly mature resilience as we reopen our businesses, countries and economies in the post-COVID-19 world. Organisations that do this well and become ‘anti-fragile’ will thrive – those that do not will find th...

Financial Risk Management

The Digital Impact Chain: a critical tool to get the business and cyber on the same page in a crisis

04 Sep 2020

In this time of digitalisation, with more employees, suppliers and third parties opting for virtual meetings and transactions - IT, security and cyber teams have become hyper-vigilant about protection of sensitive and regulated information. It’s a challenge. In previous posts on Risk Quantification, and how 2020 is changing the way we 'Do Risk a...

Financial Risk Management

2020 is changing the way we 'Do Risk and Resilience' forever

27 Aug 2020

You are the CRO. Responsible for measuring risk impacts due to not only the pandemic, but multiple uncertainties ranging from disrupted supply chains, economic impacts to historic wildfires and hurricanes. How you and your teams do risk and resilience management is transforming today and will evolve tomorrow and every day into the future as we adap...

Financial Risk Management

How cybersecurity teams use Risk Quantification to remain vigilant in a post-pandemic digital world

17 Aug 2020

As soon as the severity of the COVID-19 outbreak was recognised by world leaders, a widescale shift to remote working for many office workers rapidly increased the pressure on cybersecurity teams. Before entering this “new normal” in 2020, most cybersecurity teams would typically have been used to guarding an organisation’s infrastructure, analysin...