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Trends in Financial Services

How Should Alternative Lenders Combat Emerging Forms of Fraud?

06 Aug 2020

Among the lending firms that fall victim to hacker attacks, mid-large ones surprisingly become the primary targets. LexisNexis reports that only last year, 2,000 mid-large financial services firms and over 1,500 loan vendors suffered from hackers each month. For smaller companies, the figures are more modest: 1,000 and 640 monthly attacks, respect...

Financial Risk Management

Breaking the Fall, or How Fintechs Can Mitigate the Economic Effects of COVID-19

02 Jul 2020

In the face of the worsened economic situation conditioned by the pandemic, many fintech companies now reconsider their processes. A particular focus is put towards more practical approaches in areas where the outbreak hit the most. The first two actions every reasonable business owner should take are to elaborate the current crisis management plan...