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Amay Barange

Amay Barange

Marketing Manager at Systematix Infotech
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Bio My focus area at Systematix Infotech as Marketing Associate includes spreading the word about innovative Digital Transformation solutions that businesses can leverage to capitalize on. I uphold the idea of widespread business solutions via digital transformation that eventually leads to overall 360 degree growth for the clients.


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Making an Impact: IoT and Machine Learning in Business

22 Mar 2023

Two is better than one, isn’t it? This is undoubtedly true in the case of IoT and machine learning. These two most popular and trending technologies are offering a solid growth system for companies if implemented together correctly. When combined, they help you unlock the true power of data and boost business efficiency, sales, and customer relati...

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Digital Transformation Marketing Trends to Follow In 2022

02 Mar 2022

It’s 2022, and you are in the digital era. The marketing demographic has changed drastically in the last two or three years, especially with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is not an option but mandatory to build the strong digital presence of your business. Again with each coming year, digital marketing is getting complicated with t...

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What Are the Skills that Node.js Consultants May Need?

21 Feb 2022

An increasing number of individuals and businesses are nowadays becoming aware of Node.js and its development benefits. As such, companies all around keep looking for people who specialize in Node.js development. The overall demand for Node.js development services has made it quite difficult for CTOs to search for the right people capable of helpin...