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DEFI - Is the future of finance decentralised?

22 Feb 2021

Unless you have been living on a remote sheep farm in the Yorkshire dales with no broadband for the last ten years, the chances are you have heard of Bitcoin. Regardless of your opinion on Bitcoin’s chances of becoming digital gold (or a dutch tulip bubble), it’s underlying technology blockchain (or distributed ledger technology) has given rise to...


Why digital checkout lending needs regulation

15 Feb 2021

It’s payday. You’ve been eyeing up a new pair of trainers you couldn’t justify after Christmas. However, today it’s time to treat yourself after braving January in lockdown. You head to ASOS and just before shelling out £70 for some new Nikes, you see a much more enticing offer hovering ominously next to the checkout button. ‘Just 4 payments of £1...



Agile in Financial Services - Can hybrid models work?

26 Jan 2021

In the financial services industry, Agile teams knowingly admit to not actually being able to work within the boundaries and to the principles of the agile manifesto, sometimes describing it as “agile light” or “agile-fall”. These tongue in cheek comments are an observation on the fact that in heavily regulated, risk-managed and bureaucratic envir...