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Online Banking

Robust cyber security lies in the cloud

01 Nov 2018

Is the entire financial services sector under attack? Given the proliferation of news stories around cyber attacks on financial institutions, it's sometimes easy to believe so. For the criminal fraternity it's an obvious target. This is where the money is. For ill-intentioned nation states it's also a prime target. This is where the basis of the e...

Fintech innovation and startups

Understanding what's blowing in the wind in financial services

26 Oct 2018

Face the music There are times when the power within a trend is not self-evident. It can appear to be a passing tremor in the status quo, rather than a movement or a development or a growing force that can possibly change not just how things are done but how the world perceives them. The impact of FinTechs on the financial services sector has been...

Digital Banking Trends

GDPR, now that was a day to remember

12 Oct 2018

May 25 May 25 2018 saw the official birth of GDPR. It will long be remembered as the day from which organisations handling or processing personal data belonging to EU citizens became accountable, fine-able, and responsible, in ways that had never before been quite so stringent. Now we can watch and wait to see who breaks the rules. Salutary lesso...

Fintech innovation and startups

The importance of harnessing FinTech thinking

27 Sep 2018

FS&I: The new order The financial services ecosystem is transforming. While no organisation would deny the pressing need for digital transformation, I'm referring here to anther kind of change; the very structure of the financial services sector itself. A new order is emerging. Fresh vigour is in evidence across the sector. It's a time of consi...