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Tweet for your crisps

In an effort to promote a new brand of crisps, Kellogg's opened a pop-up shop, which 'sold' the low-calorie snack to passers-by in exchange for Tweets.

Finextra verdict: Finextra has been to several events where various items such as mini-speakers or bottles of beer were exchanged for a friendly Tweet. Many in our industry wax lyrical about the 'end of cash' and the 'future of money' and there is a lot to be said for figuring out how much your digital identity and influence is worth (and exploited). However, Kellogg's main goal with their TweetShop was to promote their new crisps. Punters were lured off the streets of Soho by free crisps, not a new way of paying for good and services. We're not sure the US cereal manufacturer will be presenting at Innotribe any time soon. That said - what do you think? How much is your digital influence worth? Which 'free' products would you Tweet to get?

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