BVNK appoints Jane McEvoy as VP of platform partnerships

Source: BVNK

BVNK, the global payments platform that brings together distributed ledger technology (DLT) and bank payment rails to help businesses send and receive payments, announces the appointment of Jane McEvoy as VP of Platform Partnerships.

Jane joins BVNK's global leadership team, bringing with her a decade of experience in fintech and banking at Wise, Starling Bank, Koinly and Capgemini Consulting, and a track record of building strategic partnerships in the sector.

Jane commented: “I’ve seen lots of innovation in fintech in the last decade, but I’ve also seen the challenges created by legacy financial infrastructure - things like slow settlement and opaque payment processes. Distributed ledger technology and blockchain rails have a lot to offer fintechs here, and we’ll see this tech increasingly being used alongside more traditional networks, as part of a multi-rail payments strategy.”

In her role as VP of Platform Partnerships, Jane will be building out the firm’s partnerships and bringing to markets its new Embedded Payments proposition, which allows businesses to use BVNK’s infrastructure to provide own-brand stablecoin and DLT-based services to customers.

Jane said: “In the last two years, banks and neobank have recognised the importance of multi-currency accounts in retaining and growing their customer base. Stablecoin-enabled wallets are the next generation of multi-currency accounts and we’re already seeing enterprise businesses testing out this functionality.

Embedded Payments is really exciting because it means businesses can get the benefits of this technology without the upfront investment or risks - innovating quickly, while relying on BVNK to manage the burden of compliance and maintenance.”

Prior to joining BVNK, Jane led partnerships for cryptocurrency tax firm, Koinly, where she established a network of over 40 global partnerships including collaborations with leading UK neo bank Revolut.

Jane began her journey in fintech as an analyst at AIB in Ireland, before moving to Starling Bank, where she served as a business manager to CEO, Anne Boden and was part of the team building the neo-bank from the ground up.

Jane later led financial services partnerships for Capgemini Consulting, before moving to Wise as Head of Banks in UK & Ireland. Jane's team at BVNK already includes top talent from Stipe and Koinly, and she is currently hiring for new team members in APAC.

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