Piermont Bank appoints Rodrigo Suarez as chief banking and innovation officer

Source: Piermont Bank

Piermont Bank, a full-service commercial bank headquartered in New York City, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rodrigo Suarez as its Chief Banking and Innovation Officer.

Formerly the Head of Innovation Banking at Piermont Bank, Mr. Suarez has built and scaled the Bank’s innovation banking program, including payment solutions, fintech partnerships, and processor integrations. Under Mr. Suarez’s leadership, the Bank’s innovation banking and payment business achieved significant growth and quickly earned recognition across SaaS and technology verticals. In 2022, the Bank surpassed $1 billion in payment transactions.

In his new leadership role, Mr. Suarez is responsible for ensuring the Bank stays ahead of the curve in innovation and product delivery, creating relevant solutions and value for its clients and stakeholders. He will continue to lead the innovation banking and payments business, including developing and implementing strategies and solutions to drive the growth and success of the Bank. He will also manage the Bank’s product development, technology applications, and channel delivery to meet the evolving needs of its entrepreneurial clients.

“We are thrilled to have Rodrigo leading our banking and innovation initiatives,” said Wendy Cai-Lee, Founder and CEO of Piermont Bank. “In the last three years, with a tech-forward philosophy, we have built a successful and proven model that has achieved significant growth. As of today, the Bank maintains a capital ratio two times the regulatory requirement, a strong liquidity position, and a diversified client portfolio. We are well-positioned to lead the way in delivering relevant banking solutions to our clients.”

“I am excited for this incredible opportunity to lead the bank’s efforts to innovate and grow,” said Rodrigo Suarez. “We have been partnering with companies in the innovation ecosystem to support their goals and enable them to launch new products and services. We understand that time is of the essence for entrepreneurs and founder-led companies, and our team can move at their speed. I am confident that we can deliver the best banking experience to entrepreneurs by leveraging our expertise in technology and banking.”

Piermont Bank is committed to contributing to the innovation economy and driving positive change in the banking industry. It starts with having a senior management team with 86% people of color and 43% female. This diverse team of leaders brings different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to commercial banking, as well as a better understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs in the innovation ecosystem.

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