Nubank adds Adrian Cockcroft as tech advisor

Source: Nubank

Nubank, one of the largest financial services platforms in the world, announces Adrian Cockcroft as the company's first Tech Advisor.

The counselor arrives to share his expertise on technical strategy, cloud, platformization, architecture, open source, ESG, and other subjects, while the company scales its operation internationally, serving more than 65 million customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

Cockcroft has a long professional history working at the leading edge of technology and building relationships with technology customers for 40 years.

Before retiring from Amazon and moving to a consultant role, Cockcroft led sustainability marketing for AWS and invested in the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative, helping customers understand how to apply sustainability practices to their business. Previously, as VP of Architecture Strategy in the AWS Marketing organization, he created the AWS open source community engagement team, led the process for joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and was the initial board member.

“Adrian is one of the pioneers that helped architect many of the most successful tech companies. His expertise will boost our efforts on productivity and innovation, strengthening our world-class software technology team”, says Matt Swann, Chief Technology Officer at Nubank.

Cockcroft is considered one of the tech industry's luminaries, recognized for his impact and innovation in different businesses. The advisor is also known for his work as the Cloud Architect for Netflix, leading their open source program, and as an early advocate for technology trends around microservices, DevOps, NoSQL, and chaos engineering.

"I was part of the AWS team helping and advising Nu as they grew rapidly over the years, and I’m excited to be much more deeply involved as a Technical Advisor, and to be part of Nu's journey. I'm happy to join a tech company that made smart technical decisions from day one and keeps working to empower software developers to create and disrupt. I’m looking forward to helping Nu reinvent what’s possible", said the advisor. 

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