Peter Gomez elected chairman of Eurex supervisory bodies

Source: Eurex Zürich

The Annual General Meeting of Eurex Zürich AG appointed Peter Gomez as member of the Supervisory Board on Thursday.

Gomez is designated Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SWX Swiss Exchange, which jointly owns Eurex with Deutsche Börse. In addition, Gomez has been appointed member of the Supervisory Board of Eurex Frankfurt AG and Eurex Clearing AG. He shall act as Chairman of all three Eurex supervisory bodies as of 30 May 2006. Gomez will succeed Markus Granziol, who has been Chairman of all three bodies since April 1999. Deutsche Börse CEO Reto Francioni was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of the Eurex companies with immediate effect on Thursday.

Francioni thanked Granziol for his work as Chairman: "Under Markus Granziol's leadership, Eurex has become the world's largest derivatives exchange and was able to further develop this position. On behalf of the Supervisory Board I would like to thank Mr Granziol for his very successful work for the Eurex supervisory bodies."

Andreas Preuß, who has been CEO of Eurex since 19 April 2006, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Eurex Clearing with immediate effect. Preuß has been member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Börse AG with responsibility for Trading and Clearing Services since 1 April 2006. Andreas Preuß comes from Mako Group, London, where he has been Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board since 2002. Preuß previously exercised a range of senior management positions with Deutsche Börse from 1990 to 2000, lastly as Member of Eurex Executive Management responsible for Business Development, Marketing and Sales.

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