Getronics' van Schaik made redundant

Source: Getronics

Getronics NV announced today that, as a consequence of the previously announced European divestment programme, Mr van Schaik and Getronics have agreed that Mr van Schaik will stand down as a member of the Board of Management as of 31 December 2006.

Mr van Schaik was appointed to the Board of Management as of 1 May 2005 with responsibility for Continental Europe, excluding the Netherlands. The European divestment programme will lead to a significant change in the size of Mr van Schaik's portfolio and, as a result, the position he filled will subsequently cease to exist and will not be replaced. Taking into account all circumstances and the Tabaksblat Code, an agreement has been reached in which Mr van Schaik will receive almost 15 months' salary, including pension contribution.

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