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AppBrilliance unveils Push-to-Business payments model; hires Steve Mott as strategic advisor

Source: AppBrilliance

AppBrilliance, an Austin-based payments technology company, today revealed its strategic vision with its new Money API-powered, Push-To-Business (P2B) payments model, which upends the decades-old traditional model and shifts power back to the merchant when it comes to payments fees.

In addition, as part of the firm's increasing momentum in recent months, it appointed Steve Mott as strategic advisor, a highly-regarded payment expert with decades of industry experience as the startup is poised to disrupt the trillion-dollar payments industry.

AppBrilliance’s patented technology and non-custodial direct-payment APIs enable instant and secure account-to-account “push” payments to consumers’ favorite businesses. Push-to-Business (P2B) payments technology leverages the P2P payment rails in place today that are accessible to 100M+ US account holders through their bank. Unlike other bank payment technologies, AppBrilliance never manages or stores user credentials, banking data, or funds. As non-cash and online payments have dramatically increased as a result of COVID-19, the need for cost-efficient payment rails becomes even more pressing. AppBrilliance outlines five steps to establish an alternative, more cost-efficient payments ecosystem in its paper entitled ‘Profiting from Payments: Empowering Consumers and Businesses with Push-To-Business Payments (P2B)’.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in payments as alternatives to debit and credit payments are booming, and businesses and consumers are actively shopping for alternatives,” said C. Eric Smith, CEO and co-founder of AppBrilliance. “We believe that P2B is the future of non-card payments, bringing the best features of secure contactless mobile payments without the underlying costs associated with running those transactions over debit or credit rails. Adding Steve Mott to our team will help us achieve our goal of providing a secure, trusted and more cost-efficient payment alternative to US businesses and consumers.”

Industry luminary Steve Mott has decades of experience in the electronic payments and security industry, having built a reputation as a trusted ambassador for high-growth technology startups in the entrenched and often opaque payments landscape. At AppBrilliance, he will leverage his extensive network to help build relationships with merchants, payment processors and other market participants looking to streamline existing payment rails. Mott has held executive roles at MasterCard, where he was SVP for eCommerce & New Ventures, and was president of Webhouse, one of the Internet's initial fastest growing companies.

“AppBrilliance is breaking into a highly-contested market that is dominated by heavy-weights looking to defend the status quo at all costs, and at the expense of merchants and consumers,” said Steve Mott. “I’m excited to be joining a startup that not only has an unparalleled technology platform and is reshaping the industry with its P2B model, but is looking to free merchants from exorbitant card processing fees they have been paying until now.”

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