Elliptic names Chris Pilling as chairman

Source: Elliptic

Elliptic, a leading provider of cryptoasset risk management and blockchain analytics solutions, today announced that it has appointed Chris Pilling as Chairman, a recognized pioneer in the world of online business-to-business information and regulatory technology (RegTech), to steer Elliptic’s growth as banks begin to recognize cryptocurrency as part of the financial system.

Elliptic has also appointed Tim Chapman, global technology and telecom sales leader and author of Coaching Winning Sales Teams: Insights from the World of Sport and Business, to lead global sales expansion for the crypto business, financial services, and government sectors.

“Crypto is going to play a huge part in the global financial system of the future and this requires a regulatory framework and controls to provide people, companies, and governments with the confidence to commit to the crypto opportunity,” says Chris Pilling, Chairman at Elliptic. “With the introduction of regulation crypto businesses and financial institutions will need RegTech firms like Elliptic to manage regulatory risk and keep compliance costs under control. Ultimately Elliptic is an enabler of the crypto revolution.”

The advent of cryptocurrency as the foundation of an open, decentralized financial system is leading to both institutional adoption and regulatory interest as Bitcoin prices and utility soars. For the first time, cryptocurrency risk management makes Aite Group’s “Top 10 Trends in Fraud and AML Risk” list and they’ve published the “Cryptocurrency: Do You Know Your AML Risk” report as cryptocurrency and fiat currency converge and financial institutions look for guidance on managing emerging risks.
“Just as the traditional monetary system is held to account by both regulators and participants to protect against financial crime and implement the necessary regulatory controls to do so, the crypto-based financial system needs the same protection if it is to thrive,” said Simone Maini, CEO of Elliptic.

Maini adds, “Against the headwinds of an uncertain market environment in 2020, Elliptic focused its energy on preparing customers for the pivotal year ahead in which cryptocurrency is expected to see mainstream adoption. Chris and Tim bring critical expertise to the team as we address the demand for crypto RegTech that financial institutions need and regulators mandate”.

In this interview with Chris Pilling, Chairman of Elliptic, he shares his views about the future financial system, the role of crypto, and the demand for Elliptic as businesses protect themselves from financial crime and comply with regulations.

Blockchain analytics, training, and professional certification are now in demand as essential tools to support crypto businesses, financial institutions, and regulators in managing risk exposure to financial crime in crypto as the world prepares for a digitized global monetary system.

Elliptic continues to build momentum with some notable corporate developments:
• Added dozens of crypto businesses to its portfolio which includes Coinbase, BitcoinSuisse, and Xfers
• 66 percent of trading volume goes through crypto exchanges that use Elliptic for blockchain monitoring
• Deepend the adoption of Elliptic for more complete KYC and risk monitoring in the traditional financial services sector adding Paysafe and Silvergate Bank as customers
• Built out its customer teams in The Americas and Asia Pacific, headed up by seasoned regional leaders Ana Esposito and Yvonne Ng respectively
• Invested in coverage of its crypto risk management solutions which now monitor 97 percent of all cryptoassets by trading volume, the broadest of any blockchain analytics provider
• Launched Elliptic LEARN, a comprehensive suite of crypto compliance training and certifications to elevate professional knowledge and best practice application in the field.

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