Monolith enlists first direct and Egg founder Mike Harris as chairman

Source: Monolith

Monolith, the Ethereum app that’s spearheading the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution, has recruited pre-eminent entrepreneur Mike Harris as its non-executive chairman.

The fintech trailblazer will help guide the start-up’s strategy in preparing for mass adoption, continuing an illustrious career building several billion-pound companies. Speaking of the update, Harris said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to be joining Monolith. I was immediately drawn to the team’s vision for a tokenized future, made possible by the advent of decentralised finance on Ethereum. Monolith was an early entrant to the world of tokenization, launching with an ICO in 2016. It’s now moving swiftly to consolidate its place as a DeFi leader. This technology offers a great opportunity for the world, and it’s a very exciting time to be at the forefront.”

With an extensive background in banking and telecommunications, Harris is well poised to link up with Monolith. The British businessman is best known for founding first direct, the all-hours telephone bank that redefined the entire banking industry landscape when it launched in 1989. By focusing on building a peerless brand experience, Harris drove the firm’s success in its foundational years ahead of its widely-publicised acquisition by HSBC in 1992.

Through the early 90s, Harris led the telecommunications industry’s drive of innovation at the helm of Mercury Communications. The company was a key challenger to the telecommunications powerhouse British Telecom and became a household name under Harris’ leadership.

He later founded Egg, the revolutionary UK company that predicted the global online banking boom. Harris carried Egg to over five million customers and saw the company go public at a £1.3 billion valuation in 2000.

Setting his sights on the world-changing potential of the decentralised finance revolution, Harris now joins Monolith, the world’s first Ethereum wallet and mobile app with an accompanying Visa card for spending crypto assets anywhere.

Harris will join the London start-up as non-executive chairman. As a proven thought leader in the fintech space, he’s the ideal Chairman to join the start-up as it introduces the world to a new financial paradigm.

Referencing the groundbreaking blockchain technology Monolith runs on, Harris says:

“Ethereum to me is a platform that has strong parallels with the way the launch of PCs, the web, and smartphones each inspired an explosion of innovation. I believe that Ethereum will inspire a similar level of innovation through tokenization. It’s a technology that’s already seen new ideas in finance flourish. I think we’ll see more over the next decade. The next 10 years will require demystifying this technology so that the world can use it. There’s a particularly big opportunity in DeFi.”

Monolith is operating at the vanguard of the Ethereum economy, helping users realise the power of self-sovereign crypto money. The company’s vision is to bring the magic of Ethereum to the world by making money fun. Monolith is guided by the belief that the advent of cryptocurrencies will transform society in a profound way, bringing more equality and transparency to the world.

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