Precision targets Q2 launch of event mapping tool; hires Tonya Gross as product manager

Source: Precision Investment Technologies

Precision Investment Technologies, LLC targets the Q2 launch of its Alphacution platform; an automatable catalytic event mapping system designed primarily for traders, research analysts, brokers and asset management teams.

First, on April 1, 2006, Precision will launch the beta version of Alphacution in the form of a consulting service for corporate development teams interested in the data aggregation aspects of the platform as well as its utility as a competitive analysis tool. The Precision team is initially focusing its consultative efforts in the biopharmaceutical sector. In June 2006, Precision will launch its core subscription service to the asset management community.

Often known by traders and research analysts as a catalyst calendar, Alphacution's key features dramatically improve upon the traditional calendar template by using symbols to represent events instead of words. With this information visualization technique and the use of various proprietary and commercial taxonomies, Alphacution is able to offer unprecedented information density within a single computer screen; much in the same manner as a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. And, by leveraging universal data management standards, Alphacution can be automatically updated in real-time with many of the most commonly used financial market data feeds. Furthermore, with the functionality to manually map proprietary data along with publicly-available data, Alphacution offers the capability to integrate a limitless array of catalytic variables.

Examples of the primary event types within Alphacution include corporate actions corporate releases, meetings, news, regulatory releases, research, economic releases and systemic events. In total, Alphacution's patent-pending "presentation layer" has the capability to map over 250 unique past and future event types for a single company, its primary competitors and its primary regional market at the same time in a single computer screen. Coupled with user-defined filtering and ranking of all categories and event types, Alphacution can be customized to display only the data that each user needs. Taken together, there is no commercial equivalent to Alphacution.

Founder and CEO, Paul Rowady states "Alphacution is a fully browsable and navigable map offering a high level view of the 'event horizon' in multiple time frames and across multiple datasets while simultaneously offering access to underlying content in as little as a single mouse-click. It is abundantly clear that user benefits will include improved decision-making and massive time savings."

In addition to preparations for the Q2 product launch, Precision announces the addition of ex-Citadel Investment Group’s Tonya Gross as managing director of product development.

Prior to Precision, Ms. Gross managed a team of data analysts serving Citadel Investment Group's equity, credit and fixed income trading strategies by providing targeted sector research, data support and training. Earlier roles at Citadel included: Senior research associate to global merger arbitrage teams; relationship manager for global equities strategies; and project manager for the development and launch of Research Portal, a proprietary database of collated events, contacts and research.

Rowady continues, "We are very excited about this addition to our team and expect that Tonya’s unique understanding of high-end users coupled with her knowledge of content aggregation and automation issues to add material value to both our technology and company."

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