Axyon AI appoints new chief commercial officer

Source: Axyon AI

Axyon AI, the AI provider for financial services, has announced the appointment of Frank Abbenhuis as its Chief Commercial Officer.

Frank’s appointment builds upon Axyon AI’s recent growth, with the business expanding from its headquarters in the Modena, Italy, to London. Frank will oversee the development of this international development, liaising with clients to help address the problems that Axyon AI’s products can solve, from anticipating the market impact of economic events to suggesting future syndicated loans firms might be interested in. 

Frank brings nearly a decade of experience in financial services, having worked extensively at ING as VP of Business Development for Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics in Amsterdam. Prior to joining Axyon AI, Frank was a FinTech mentor for Startupbootcamp where he supported the growth and development of technology providers in their early stages. 

Frank will be working with both new and existing clients, helping to pinpoint the challenges that firms are facing. This will not only provide tailored solutions for the client’s needs, but also enhance Axyon AI’s technology to meet the demand of the entire sector. 

Frank Abbenhuis, Chief Commercial Officer at Axyon AI says: “Asset management and capital markets are witnessing a huge shift in the way they manage operations. Fundamentally, the lack of data driven insights has caused these sectors to lag behind other institutions despite having a wealth of historical information which can be used to enhance operations, make better investment decisions and ultimately increase turnover. Regulation is also playing a key part in this focus, meaning that financial institutions are under increased pressure to find smart solutions to keep their business functioning. My role at Axyon AI will help showcase how effective and accessible these solutions are, enhancing our clients’ operations and services and making the sector far more reliable.” 

Daniele Grassi, CEO at Axyon AI says: “Technology in financial services is well reported on, but there is still a reluctance to engage with software such as AI. Not only is there a fear that it will undermine the human element of the business, but also a lack of understanding on how to use AI effectively. With the sector still many years away from full automation, our work will be to streamline some of the current manual processes and augment workers to increase their accuracy and allow them to focus on more complex tasks. Frank’s experience in the sector will not only be invaluable for communicating the effectiveness of our solutions but will also enable us to better serve the industry by homing in on the issues and challenges where AI can really make a difference.”

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