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Jane E. Larimer to be next CEO of Nacha

Source: Nacha

The Nacha Board of Directors has selected Jane E. Larimer as the next President and CEO of Nacha effective July 1, 2019.

The Board thanks Janet O. Estep, Nacha’s current President and CEO for her successful 11 years of leadership of Nacha and within the payments industry, and welcomes her assistance in the transition before she retires at the end of 2019.

Larimer brings three decades of experience in financial services and payments to her new role, with 23 years of service in various roles at Nacha. She currently serves as Chief Operating Officer of the organization, leading the association’s initiatives in support of a variety of payments topics, education and accreditation programs, along with responsibilities for ACH Network rules and risk management. She also served as General Counsel of Nacha.

The Nacha Board formed a committee earlier this year to identify its next CEO, a position focused on guiding Nacha in its long-term direction, governance and administration of the ACH Network while providing superior value and a breadth of services to its members and the payments industry. The Committee developed its desired attributes for Nacha’s next CEO while also assessing both internal and external individuals. The right fit was important as the CEO works closely with many stakeholders, including financial institutions of all sizes, to support both innovation and superior risk management, and further the Board’s goal to ensure that Nacha continues to support and adapt with industry needs over time. This combination has allowed for the strong growth of the ACH Network, which processed over 23 billion transactions in 2018.

“The Nacha Board feels that it has been very fortunate in finding a new CEO with Jane’s background in the industry, coupled with her leadership ability, experience and values,” said Nacha’s Board Chair Laura Lee Orcutt. “Jane is the best person to lead Nacha in collaboration with its Board, Members and the industry. The unanimous selection of Jane Larimer reinforces the Board’s commitment to finding an individual who can help the organization sustain its leadership in the payments space and build productive dialogue with the entire industry.”

As CEO, Estep has provided steady guidance to Nacha and elevated its position as an organization supporting payments and financial services in so many ways. “Jan’s tenure has strengthened Nacha’s role in the payments ecosystem,” stated Orcutt. “We want to thank Jan for the tremendous investment she has made in Nacha over the years. In addition to her industry leadership role, Jan has sustained an exceptionally solid executive team that will benefit from Jane’s future leadership.” Under Estep’s tenure, Nacha has expanded its payments-wide support with the launch of the Afinis Interoperability Standards membership group, the ACH Network has grown 61% with new capabilities, new education, accreditation and certification programs have been launched, and new partnerships and tools have been brought to the industry.

“Nacha is an amazing organization whose work is instrumental in building consensus and supporting the creation of rules, standards and education that enhance and enable payments and financial data exchange to benefit all stakeholders,” said Larimer. “Nacha is well positioned for the future, and I look forward to working with our talented team, our great members and industry to further strengthen the leadership position of the ACH Network within our nation’s payment system.”

Nacha also unveiled a revamped visual identity to better express the single purpose that unites all of the organization’s programs and initiatives: engaging diverse stakeholders to develop rules and standards to continue advancement of the ACH Network and further a digital future of financial services interoperability.

The brand refresh incorporates a new symbol that reimagines the bi-directional arrows of Nacha’s former logo as a fusion of a multiplicity of ideas, points of view and participants in creating the future of payments. The revitalized visual identity also updates typography, iconography and formats to improve access to information across all media types through better readability and navigation for Nacha and its sub-brands. To see Nacha’s new identity in action, visit www.nacha.org.

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