Gordon Bloor appointed divisional CEO of Source: StatPro

Source: StatPro

StatPro Group plc, (“StatPro”, “the Group”, AIM: SOG), the AIM listed provider of cloud-based portfolio analytics and asset pricing services for the global asset management industry, has appointed Gordon Bloor, as the CEO of one its divisions Source: StatPro.

In 2019, the Group is to be structured into three divisions; Revolution (analytics), Source: StatPro (data services), and Infovest (integration services). This structure will make the operations of the business clearer, provide distinct divisional management focus and enable growth in each division based on specific divisional priorities.

Source: StatPro provides a sophisticated pricing service for a wide range of assets and will contain StatPro’s data revenues from market data managed services, evaluated bond prices, index services, yield-curves and complex asset pricing.

Gordon joins StatPro with a wealth of expertise and extensive background in market data business development. Gordon was previously CEO of Tenfore, a real-time data provider covering both Exchange traded and OTC markets. As CEO, Gordon led Tenfore until its sale to Morningstar in 2008 and remained CEO of Morningstar’s real-time data division until 2012, continuing to successfully grow the business.

Since leaving Morningstar, Gordon has co-founded a Capital Markets Intelligence business and additionally worked as an advisor in both M&A and business development within the Market Data and Fintech sectors. Gordon has previously held senior commercial roles at ICV/Primark (Thomson Financial).

Justin Wheatley, Group CEO, StatPro, commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Gordon to StatPro to run Source: StatPro. Gordon’s extensive knowledge of the data industry and his hands-on experience at Tenfore make him highly suitable for the role.

“We have extensive data assets that have great potential if further developed commercially and Gordon will bring real focus to this task.”

Gordon Bloor, Source: StatPro CEO, commented:

“The market recognises the importance of high quality global aggregated data, delivered in simple and easily integrated formats. Source: StatPro has a wealth of such data, combined with proprietary and sophisticated pricing capabilities for complex and less liquid assets, delivered in a range of managed services.

“I’m excited to be working with the Source: StatPro team to fully realise the potential of our business”.

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