Onguard hires Wolter Kreun and Martin de Heus

Source: Onguard

Onguard, the FinTech company that focuses on the order to cash process, expanded its management team to help create significant growth in the UK market.

Onguard are targetting large enterprises that process a high level of monetary transactions, with a special focus on the Insurance, Electricity and Telecoms industries.

Wolter Kreun (33) was appointed Manager Professional Services to strengthen the management team. Martin de Heus (35), VP Sales, is also new to the team. The latter succeeds former Sales Director John Scholte. With these appointments, Onguard wants to stimulate the company's national and international growth.

Wolter Kreun and Martin de Heus both started working for Onguard on 1 April 2011. After having served the company for nearly seven years, they take the step to join the MT, together. According to Kreun, this step is in line with Onguard's ambition: 'The Professional Services department works on the software implementation process, both nationally and internationally. Our consultants are on-location with our customers daily and see how they use the software. The MT deems this information relevant, because it allows us to enhance the way our strategy and business operations contribute to the success of our customers.'

De Heus is ultimately responsible for the entire sales channel and recently took over from Scholte in the management team. 'I am very proud that I was able to take this step and consider it important for me and my team to be able to contribute to Onguard's ambitious growth objectives', says De Heus. 'We want to get our existing customers to make more extensive use of our software and want to get them on board with our platform.' Onguard automates the order to cash chain through in-house software, but also uses software from partners. De Heus also considers it a challenge to introduce new customers to the platform: 'In addition to existing customers, my team's focus is also on potential customers. Our mission is to ensure that they find the solution they need to be successful, in Onguard.'

Bert van der Zwan, CEO at Onguard, is also happy about the management team's new additions (Kreun and De Heus): 'Both Wolter and Martin have proven themselves over the years. Onguard is ready for national and international growth. I'm certain we'll be able to accomplish our ambitions, now that Kreun and De Heus have joined our management team.' 

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