Veezoo aims to make SAP as simple as Siri

Source: Veezoo

Good news for decision makers: Now they can easily call up the data stored in SAP systems and visualize it in seconds instead of days.

The solution developed by Swiss Startup Veezoo is simple and intuitive - similar to Apple’s Siri®. Veezoo is a spin-off from leading university ETH Zurich and is supported by five well-known Swiss investors.

Getting answers from data should be simple, fast, and understandable. However, this is still very far from reality in almost every company. „In most cases decision makers cannot find the answers in the data by themselves and must then wait days or even weeks for someone else to crunch the data for them," explains CEO of Veezoo, Marcos Monteiro. Veezoo makes it possible to find the answers very quickly: Decision makers can simply ask their questions in plain German or English. Veezoo will respond with an understandable data visualization within seconds.

„Veezoo makes the approach to business data as simple as Apple’s Siri“, says Marcos Monteiro. "Our solution connects to the company's SAP® systems, for example on financial accounting and controlling. So users can engage in a conversation with Veezoo, asking e.g. 'What was our profitability per employee in each division last year?', visualizing and exploring the answer about the finances of the company down to booking level".

Building the company brain with artificial intelligence
Veezoo is the first fully conversational artificial intelligence solution to help decision makers explore and visualize data stored in SAP® systems. Veezoo was founded with the single mission to build the company brain - a software that understands both company data and spoken-language and that helps companies take data driven decisions better and faster.

Founded by the two Brazilian brothers, João Pedro and Marcos Monteiro as well as Swiss Till Haug, Veezoo is located in the heart of Zurich. The core technology of Veezoo was spun off from ETH Zurich, one of the top computer science universities in the world. At ETH, João Pedro did research in Natural Language Processing, whereas Till pushed state-of-the-art results in the field of Question-Answering.

Five top Swiss entrepreneurs joined Veezoo
Veezoo's unique solution has convinced five top Swiss angel investors to join the company as strategic advisors. The round for financing the team growth was led by security expert Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer (President of Swiss ICT Investor Club SICTIC) and included four other successful Swiss entrepreneurs: Richard Eisler (founder of, Sandro Cornella (Stanford MBA, CTI Coach) and marketing experts Martin Welzl and Flavio Rump (co-founder of "When I was running online marketing at, understanding our customer behavior frequently required me to spend hours writing complicated SQL Queries. Now thanks to Veezoo, also non-software engineers can get answers to business-critical questions within seconds. I am very excited to help bring this game changing technology to businesses around the globe." says Flavio Rump.

The company started successfully: Veezoo was the first startup to graduate from the Zurich-based F10 FinTech Incubator program and was later chosen as the best Swiss FinTech Startup to complete the digitalswitzerland Kickstart Accelerator program. The product has been deployed at SIX Group and at a provider of geographical information systems. Currently, the startup is working with a leading insurance company in Switzerland.

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Ketharaman Swaminathan
Ketharaman Swaminathan - GTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune 13 July, 2017, 14:13Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

This can be big. Just the other day, a customer was asking me how long is it before "Alexa how many hits did my website get from Facebook today?" becomes a reality. Best wishes to Veezoo.

On a lighter note, when Veezoo says "Decision makers can simply ask their questions in plain German", does it mean High German or Swiss German?:)