EBS BrokerTec restructures operations

Source: EBS

EBS BrokerTec, a NEX Group business which provides electronic trading technology and services, announces a new internal structure for its electronic foreign exchange (FX) business, EBS, to allow it to better serve its customers.

The new structure which is effective immediately, presents EBS as a service-driven business focused on what customers need, rather than operating in product specific teams. As such EBS’ product, sales and client orientation teams will now be structured around seven core areas.

To support the new structure, the following management appointments have been made, subject to regulatory approval:

* Tim Cartledge has been appointed Global Head of FX and Head of Product - responsible for our FX business strategy and overseeing the EBS Product group
* Jim Iorio, Global Head of Sales & Head of FX Americas - responsible for the EBS Sales group and overseeing regional business activity for EBS in the Americas
* Darryl Hooker, Global Head of Metals and Spot & Head of FX EMEA - responsible for the Trading Execution and Prime and Credit Management groups. Darryl will also oversee regional business activity for EBS in EMEA
* Jeff Ward, Global Head of NDFs and Forwards & Head of FX Asia- responsible for the Emerging Markets, Forwards and Liquidity Management groups. Jeff will also oversee regional business activity for EBS in the Asia region

Seth Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, EBS BrokerTec, said: “This new internal structure for EBS is a significant milestone in our ongoing initiative to clarify and solidify our relationships with our customers. The new structure of these teams moves us away from being a product-oriented organisation, and instead results in EBS becoming a service-driven business, focused on what our customers need. This is undoubtedly an exciting time for EBS BrokerTec and I firmly believe our new structure enables us to maximise the advantages we hold in our leading position servicing the FX markets.”

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