Nomis Solutions appoints Michael DeGusta to lead pricing-platform development

Source: Nomis Solutions

Nomis Solutions is delighted to announce the appointment of Michael DeGusta to lead the architecture and development of the company’s next-generation pricing platform.

Michael joined the company as Vice President and Chief Architect in early 2015 and has already been instrumental in pushing the capabilities of Nomis Solution’s cutting-edge pricing technology forward.

Michael will be playing an important role in ensuring that Nomis Solutions software leads the industry and delivers rapid and increasing value to pricing and profitability managers at retail banks throughout the world.

Michael’s career has included notable successes in insurance, banking, and financial services. Working with progressive technology companies such as Apple, eCoverage, and ChoicePoint, he brings 20 years of experience to Nomis. Michael’s expertise with using innovative technologies to solve business problems has enabled him to bring measurable value to Nomis immediately.

Fast-growing Nomis combines cutting-edge Silicon Valley approaches to big data, advanced modeling, and deep analytics to help large and medium-sized retail banks better understand their customers. Using Nomis solutions, these banks can deliver win-win products and pricing in an environment that is increasingly competitive, highly disruptive, and marked by rising interest rates.

“Retail banks face unprecedented challenges, and Michael is the ideal leader to architect our future and to bring Nomis and our client banks to the next level of price optimization and profitability management,” said Frank Rohde, Nomis CEO. “The bankers we meet with relate a growing awakening to the opportunities provided by innovative technology and how it can help them thrive in the face of mediocre economies, changing customers, disruptive competitors, and challenging regulators.”

Rohde added, “Michael brings depth of experience and keen understanding of data and analytics technology to decision-support and frontline systems. We are thrilled to have Michael on board at Nomis, and are already seeing a big impact from his technology expertise.”

Speaking about joining the company, Michael said, “It’s a really exciting time to be joining Nomis. The number of customers is increasing, as are the opportunities across multiple verticals. It’s great to be part of a company that is so passionate about the value that their technology brings to banking. It’s an area where real progress is being made and that we can make lasting impact in. ”

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