MasterCard names Mohammed Qadadeh VP, head of government services and solutions, Mena

Source: MasterCard

MasterCard today announced the appointment of Mohammed Qadadeh as Vice President, Head of Government Services and Solutions (GS&S) in Middle East and North Africa.

The announcement is an integral aspect of MasterCard's ongoing efforts to strengthen its investments in the government sector across Middle East and Africa.

As a key member of the MasterCard Middle East and North Africa management team, Mohammed will lead the expansion of the company's government business by leveraging MasterCard capabilities to solve governments' needs for efficiency, social progress, financial inclusion and overall transparency. Based in Dubai, Mohammed's key focus will be one including social grants, payroll disbursements, procurement, transit, and government receipts.

"MasterCard has been supporting governments around the world with electronic payment programs that help save money and improve efficiencies. We have launched numerous initiatives with governments in Middle East and North Africa, including the UAE, Oman and Egypt that have not only streamlined their processes, but have also opened a world of inclusion for those who have previously not had access to traditional financial services," said Raghu Malhotra, Division President, Middle East and North Africa.

"Mohammed has been instrumental in driving our technology strategy across the region, and is the ideal candidate to lead our efforts to collaborate with governments across Middle East and North Africa," Malhotra concluded.

Mr. Qadadeh held a number of managerial roles in the MasterCard Technologies and Operations division during the past 12 years, where he helped shape technology strategy and vision across various platforms, including the MasterCard Data Warehouse, Global Cardholder Solutions and Rewards. Mohammed recently served as regional Chief Technology Officer, where he played a key role in driving MasterCard's technology strategy across Middle East and Africa since 2011, starting with the Africa board's strategy vision, planning, and execution. During this period, Mohammed played a vital role towards expanding MasterCard's technology reach, reliability, andnd time to market for initiatives across all Middle East and Africa divisions. 

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