Heritage Bank taps Financial Synergy for online-only RSA

Source: Financial Synergy

Financial Synergy is pleased to announce the completion of a project with Heritage Bank to help launch their Secure Super Account - a new retirement savings account (RSA) to be offered to members on-line.

"We knew we needed to partner with someone who could help us deliver the product cost effectively and largely on-line - it made sense for us to team up with Financial Synergy as we could see how they could provide the on-line capability and effective administration," Heritage Bank's General Manager of Strategy, Peter Cavanagh said.

Financial Synergy helped this product come to life for Heritage Bank customers by delivering an on-line solution where customers can see the balance of their super alongside that of their existing bank accounts when doing online banking.

Customers can also make contributions electronically and check their balance, returns and deposits online, with Financial Synergy providing the back office support.

"With the help of Financial Synergy, our new Secure Super Account provides a simple online solution for both superannuation savings and retirement pensions without the investment risk, complexity or the fees and charges typical of superannuation funds." Cavanagh said, "Our marketing is only just starting to begin but already the product is taking off. Many of the first customers are staff moving their super to the new product and you don't get a better endorsement than that!"

Financial Synergy CEO Stephen Mackley said: "Heritage were fantastic to work with. We shared their vision and knew with the Financial Synergy team's superannuation and on-line expertise that we could deliver exactly what they needed. We look forward to helping them grow the product as they go to market." 

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