Borsa Italiana appoints board

Source: Borsa Italiana

The Shareholder Meeting and the Boards of Directors of Borsa Italiana were held yesterday.

The Shareholder Meeting of Borsa Italiana has appointed the new Board of Directors for the period 2011-2014 which is composed of Nicolas Bertrand, Gian Luca Bolengo, Janet Cohen, Alessandro Decio, Alessandro Di Michele, Carmine Di Noia, Raffaele Jerusalmi, Marina Forquet Famiglietti, Massimo Mocio, Pietro Sella, Antoine Shagoury, Massimo Tononi.

The Shareholder Meeting of Borsa Italiana has also appointed the Board of Auditors composed of Roberto Ruozi (Chairman), Giuseppe Levi and Mauro Coazzoli (Active Statutory Auditors), Arturo Sanguinetti and Nicola Frangi (Substitute Statutory Auditors).

Later the Board of Directors of Borsa Italiana appointed Massimo Tononi1 Chairman of the Company and confirmed Janet Cohen Vice President and Raffele Jerusalmi CEO.

The Board of Directors of Borsa Italiana has appointed a new Nomination Committee, composed of Janet Cohen, Pietro Sella e Massimo Tononi.

And a new Consultation Committee composed of Giorgio Basile, Giampio Bracchi, Fabio Galli, Lucrezia Geraci, Gianluca Gugliotta, Giovanni Sabatini.

Raffele Jerusalmi, CEO of Borsa Italiana said: "Heartfelt thanks to Angelo Tantazzi for the relevant contribution made in these years to the Borsa Italiana development and success, as well as to the other Group's companies.

Massimo Tononi has been with us on the Board of Directors of Borsa Italiana since last November and during these months we have already benefited from his professional guidance. The most sincere "good luck" to the new chairman Massimo who will join us as we drive our business forward".

Massimo Tononi, Chairman of Borsa Italiana, said: "I feel honoured to take up this position and to work with Raffaele Jerusalmi and his colleagues, a team of professionals whose competence and commitment I already experienced during these last months".

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