OpenLink appoints Garrick Hoadley VP, corporate development

Source: Open Link Financial

Open Link Financial (OpenLink), a leading provider of cross asset, trading, risk management and operations processing software solutions, announced today that it has fortified its management team with the hiring of Garrick Hoadley as VP of Corporate Development.

Hoadley brings a decade of global experience in strategy development, mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, equity investments, and capital markets.

The primary focus of Corporate Development at OpenLink has been to support growth through strategic acquisitions, and to build and expand upon their network of partnerships. OpenLink will continue to acquire exemplary solution companies to extend their reach and solution set, and to provide support for every stage of the transaction lifecycle.

The opening was created when Henry Bonner was promoted to President of OpenLink's Agribusiness Division, which occurred at the end of last year. Bonner successfully integrated two new companies into the OpenLink brand, and expanded OpenLink's commodity solution coverage to include Biofuels, Fertilizer, Crop Inputs, Agriculture, and Soft Commodities. These new acquisitions created an ideal solution suite for the Agribusiness industry when paired with OpenLink's existing optimization, risk, and logistics functionality.

Historically, OpenLink's organic growth strategy has focused on continued investments in trade markets, new geographies, and product extensions. This organic growth has been complemented by several successful acquisitions, including dbc SMARTsoftware, iRM, and Thede Ward Systems. These acquisitions have enabled OpenLink to cross fertilize their family of products and create solution suites, expanding their client base and enabling firms to extend their functionality by leveraging these innovative offerings. Marks of their success to date include:

- Solutions for Agribusiness, incorporate functionality for local trading and logistics, global consolidated position and risk management, corporate treasury, and enterprise risk management, helping firms to manage all their commodity and energy exposures in a single enterprise-wide solution while supporting their multiple risk management methodologies

- Solutions for SmartETRM, offerer end-to-end, sophisticated, cross-portfolio management capabilities for trading, risk management, back office, modeling, optimization, energy scenario, management, visualization, and real-time data management, which allows flexible event-driven workflows and coordinated tasks across global enterprises

- Solutions for Optimization, support operations that handle both the financial and physical assets and covers the front/middle/back office administration, structures and pricing, credit risk management, and collateral management, linking multiple tools and technologies into one integrated platform which can support performance across complex and diverse portfolios

OpenLink's CEO Kevin Hesselbirg commented, "Our goal continues to be complementing our primary strategy of organic growth through the acquisition of certain targeted opportunities, and technology which focus on expanding our footprint in transaction lifecycle management. The byproduct of our successful acquisitions is that our clients are now able to take advantage of our proprietary trading and risk solutions with expanded functionality and market/industry coverage for their needs. We look forward to progressing on our growth strategy with Garrick as a member of our team."

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