Malaysia's Maxis partners PayPal on online and mobile payments

Source: Maxis Berhad

Over 12 million Maxis Berhad ('Maxis') customers will soon be able to perform payments via online and mobile using PayPal.

The two innovation giants today announced their plans for a strategic collaboration that will enable Maxis customers to easily and safely shop online, on their mobile devices, and on their television sets in the near future.

This collaboration is a world's first, involving a mobile network operator and an online payment service provider, slated to fuel the e-commerce eco-system in Malaysia. Maxis and PayPal will combine their expertise to bring the best-of-breed online and mobile payment solutions to Maxis customers via the Maxis-PayPal Account, specifically adapted for Maxis customers. Upon signing up for the service, Maxis customers will be able to pay at PayPal merchants worldwide whilst mobile or at home.

There are obvious synergies in the Maxis PayPal collaboration. Both are leaders in their respective fields. Maxis has over 12 million customers out of which over 50% are active mobile data users. Meanwhile PayPal has over eight million merchants and 84 million active accounts, strong risk management processes; multiple payment funding sources and merchant acquisition expertise.

Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, Maxis Chief Operating Officer said, "With the national broadband initiative in place, mobile internet is fast gaining traction. Today, over 16 million Malaysians interact online. 80% of consumers go online to identify what they want to buy and where they want to buy it from. About 30% of consumers actually proceed to make an online purchase.

"Today, the user experience online is cumbersome as customers are required to repeatedly fill in payment card and contact details for each transaction or merchant. The collaboration between Maxis and PayPal will enable consistent and simple purchase experiences for all Maxis customers in Malaysia. It will also enable small businesses - now everybody can not only pay easily but sell easily also.

"As the leader in mobile internet, Maxis will share its strong experrtise in this collaboration, bringing customers and merchants beneficial applications that they will enjoy and find easy to use.

"This collaboration complements Maxis' integrated play proposition where we will enable payments across mobile, online broadband (fixed or mobile) and IPTV in the near future. Maxis will further enrich our customers' lives by pushing the boundaries of e-commerce with this collaboration."

Meanwhile, Farhad Irani, Vice President of PayPal Asia Pacific, said, "This landmark collaboration with Maxis demonstrates PayPal's continued focus to drive innovation and deliver the right services to consumers. We recognise the value and unique abilities of online shopping and we are excited to work with Maxis to create superior experiences that deliver great value to their customers."

"Today, you leave the house with three critical things: your mobile phone, your wallet and your keys. The Maxis-PayPal Account enables Maxis customers to access their wallets through their phones. With this new service, Maxis customers are now able to live a cashless and card-free culture with their wallet living safely in the cloud," Farhad said.

Customers will enjoy speed of payment with the Maxis-PayPal Account. They just need to log-in with their Maxis PayPal credentials and click to pay. Maxis customers would log in with their mobile numbers. There is the added convenience of a one-time registration for a Maxis-PayPal Account and the payment option is available both online and on the mobile.

The process is highly secure, leveraging on PayPal's renowned fraud controls. Customers enjoy a high level of privacy with their financial details such as credit card numbers and expiry dates kept confidential from merchants during payment. Finally, there is a large merchant base available globally on this channel. Maxis corporate customers may also leverage this collaboration by accepting PayPal as a method of payment, that is, as merchants of PayPal, which should offer Maxis-Paypal customers a greater choice of local merchants. Upon launch, Maxis and PayPal will be bringing even more value to customers through special offers and exclusive deals.

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Ketharaman Swaminathan
Ketharaman Swaminathan - GTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune 17 May, 2010, 13:52Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Perhaps Maxis and / or PayPal can highlight which specific aspect of their partnership helps in enhancing the consumer experience. After all, even without such a partnership, it is possible to visit any merchant's website on a mobile phone and pay by PayPal without having to enter payment details, regardless of who is the mobile network operator. It can be argued that, using a mobile phone, there's a lot of friction in navigating a merchant's website that is not optimized for mobile browsing. While that's right, fact is, only the merchant can do something about making the experience frictionless. I am not sure what role PayPal or the MNO can play in that.