ADP Clearing & Outsourcing Services names Joe Barra president

Source: ADP Clearing & Outsourcing Services

ADP Clearing & Outsourcing Services, Inc., a division of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NYSE: ADP), announced today that Joe Barra has joined as President and will be directly responsible for all clearing operations and service delivery.

Joe brings more than 20 years of experience working in the brokerage industry, serving in various capacities. Prior to joining ADP, Joe was instrumental in establishing National Investor Services Corp (NISC) as TD Waterhouse's affiliate clearing broker/dealer, and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer. He also continued to take on increasing responsibilities within TD Waterhouse that included building its Capital Markets group and overseeing its nationwide Call Centers and Investment Centers.

During his time at TD Waterhouse, Joe served as Chairman of ADP's Brokerage Processing Services (BPS) Steering Committee for two consecutive terms. "Joe's leadership during this period of time greatly enhanced the spirit of partnership and trust among the committee members and ADP, resulting in significant gains in this committee's effectiveness," said John Hogan, co-President, ADP Brokerage Services Group. "Joe is a proven team builder and leader. We wish him every success in leading our strategic growth initiative into the Clearing and Outsourcing Markets," he added.

Previous to his role at TD Waterhouse, Joe served as Vice President of Brokerage Operations at National Financial Services, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investment in positions of increasing responsibility. Earlier Joe worked at Thomson McKinnon Securities, a full service broker/dealer, and was responsible for various product, services and operating areas.

Separately, ADP Brokerage Services Group (ADP), a division of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NYSE: ADP), announced its ProVisor Relationship Householding functionality. The ADP Householding system that offers brokers the flexibility to group related brokerage accounts for the purpose of defining a household and consolidating statements, has now been integrated with the ProVisor broker desktop application.

The extension of the Relationship Householding function to ProVisor allows brokers to view the combined assets of these households. Brokers can select a combined holdings view or an asset allocation view that includes the complete household. This functionality is not, however, limited to actual households. ProVisor has the flexibility to display the holding and asset allocation views of any account group that the broker has defined. This feature enables brokers to make better investment recommendations by having a comprehensive view of the assets held in a household. By the end of the first quarter, brokers will be able to create the households within ProVisor.

"Today's competitive financial environment forces executives to explore new ways to add value to their product line and enhance customer service," said Marianne Brown, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ADP Brokerage Processing Services. "We have the ability to help our clients achieve both of these objectives by providing a holistic view of customer holdings and thereby improving the investment decisions that are made."

ProVisor is a multi-functional browser-based application that provides access to critical portfolio information, automated online order entry as well as contact management and integrated real-time market data. ProVisor offers financial professionals and other sales personnel a comprehensive desktop that will increase overall productivity in the front office, and through its integration with the ADP BPS securities processing engine, streamline the firm's back-office operations.

ADP's Brokerage Processing Service supports real-time processing of North American equities, options, mutual funds and fixed-income securities. BPS handles everything from order management to clearance and settlement, regulatory reporting and other back office requirements.

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