FISD names John Bottega chair and Sara Banerjee vice chair

Source: FISD

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is pleased to announce the election of two new officers to its Financial Information Services Division (FISD).

The newly elected FISD Chair is John Bottega, Director and Global Head of Product & Price Reference Data at Credit Suisse First Boston. "We have an aggressive agenda and I expect to make substantial progress on FISD projects including advancement of MDDL, industry standards and best practice activities for service level and admin improvement during my tenure as Chair. Today we stand at 95 members strong and our agenda and influence has never been better," said Bottega. "I look forward to helping steer FISD through the next two years."

FISD Vice Chair, Sara Banerjee, is Vice President, Data Operations & Procurement, Telekurs (USA) Inc. Ms. Banerjee has acted as FISD Chair and has been involved with the association since 1995. "FISD has been the principal force behind the establishment of an XML standard for market data billing," said Banerjee. "Data consistency is crucial to the financial industry's continued growth and success, and I'm pleased that the efforts of my FISD colleagues have been so effective in making this a reality."

"FISD has worked to build profitable business relationships within the financial industry since 1985," said Ken Wasch, President SIIA. "Forging consensus between exchanges, brokerages and data vendors requires strong leadership and, as of today, our leadership has never been stronger."

The FISD Executive Committee consists of an equitable representation by each of the three FISD constituencies - exchanges, vendors and user firms, ensures that FISD is conforming to the overall goals, objectives and mission and recommends issue and resource allocation priorities. Its current members include:

Exchange Seats
  • Chicago Board of Trade, Steve Dickey, Vice President, Market Data Services
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Glen Madeja, Director, Information Products Management
  • Deutsche Borse AG, Georg Gross, Head of Information Product Sales
  • Euronext, Leni Boeren, Member of the Executive Committee, General Manager Marketing
  • London Stock Exchange, Jarod Hillman, Market Data Manager
  • Nasdaq Stock Market, Jeannie Merrit, Director, Market Data Distribution
  • New York Board of Trade, Jack Sabo, Vice President, Market Data Service
  • Toronto Stock Exchange, Andre Craig, Director, Jason Koulouras, Director, Third Party Content

    Vendor Seats
  • Bloomberg LP, Kevin Iraca, Data Project Manager, Paul Salerno, Product Strategy FININFO SA, Arnould Moyne, Director, Marketing
  • Interactive Data Corporation, Phil Burch, Director, Data Product Management (North America)
  • HyperFeed Technologies, Tom Wojciechowski, Executive Vice President, Americas Jordan & Jordan, Leo Vozel, Industry Consultant
  • S&P Comstock, Joan Nickson, International Operations Manager
  • Telekurs Financial, Ralph Bassfeld, Head of Global Data Acquisition (Europe)
  • Reuters, Andrew McLean, Global Head, Content Acquisition (North America) and Frank Desmond, Head of Content Acquisition (Europe)
  • Thomson Financial, Jocelyn Killeen, Vice President, Exchange Relations (North America) and Claire Pons, Region Manager, Global Data Acquisition (Europe)

    User Seats
  • Capital Group, Keith Michaud, eServices Manager (North America)
  • Charles Schwab & Co., Doris Ung, Director, Market Data and Scott V. White, Managing Director
  • Credit Suisse First Boston, Mike Gillott, Director (Europe)
  • Fidelity Investments, Ed Flynn (North America), Chris Newson (Europe)
  • Lehman Brothers Inc., Paula Hardy, Vice President (North America) and Nick Edwards, Director, International Affairs (Europe)
  • Merrill Lynch, Neil Siekerka, Director
  • Morgan Stanley & Co., Bill Lee, Exchange Relations (North America) and Julie Smith, Manager Business Management Group, Market Data Company - Europe (Europe)
  • State Street Bank, John White, Vice President
  • Wellington Management Co., Marcy Pike, Vice President, Investment Information
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