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Capco, the global provider of consulting and managed services to the financial services industry, today announced a significant growth initiative in North America that is designed to drive the firm's future expansion in that market.

Capco is expanding its management and technology consulting services in North America into several additional areas that will build upon the firm's expertise in operational excellence and deep financial services industry experience. These capabilities are designed to help Capco's clients navigate increasingly complex issues they face, such as credit and market risk, increased regulatory compliance, merger integration and transition to "next generation" technology platforms.

Expanded Capabilities

To serve the needs of a broader range of clients, Capco is expanding its scope and capabilities in North America to include the following client service groups:

• Banking;
• Capital Markets;
• Wealth & Investment Management;
• Finance, Risk & Compliance; and
• Technology

Collectively, Capco's expanded capabilities comprise the firm's platform for future growth; the talent pool has served more than 75 of the top 100 global financial services institutions.

Capco Leadership Position

Further, Capco is attracting the best-credentialed partners and consultants from many of the nation's largest consulting firms and industry who have deep and first-hand industry expertise in financial services. Capco, a full service provider of strategy, transformation and implementation capabilities, currently has 600 consultants and access to more than 2,500 information technology developers. The firm's operating model is experience-driven and built on a foundation of deep service expertise to the financial services industry. In North America, Capco's growth plan will add a total of 40 partners/directors by year-end and eventually 500 professionals, making it one of the world's largest financial services consulting firms.

"For years, leading companies in the financial services industry have relied upon Capco to simplify the complexities their businesses face," said Rob usinesses face," said Rob Heyvaert, founder and CEO, Capco. "Today, we are introducing a growth strategy that positions us to help clients around the globe take advantage of opportunities in the new post-crisis world. We are appointing leading industry professionals with years of experience in cross-border engagements with global financial services institutions. Why are we doing this? Because a commitment to delivering innovation and improvement in the industry is not enough -- we are striving for alpha -- because we are part of an industry that underpins the global economy. The caliber of our fact-based thought leaders and their commitment to service excellence will provide tangible benefits to our broadened client base and generate sustainable growth for Capco. Clearly, the industry is recognizing that the opportunities at Capco are bigger, the culture is stronger and our future is brighter."

Regional Expansion
Capco is taking significant steps to build its national footprint in the United States and Canada. The firm is expanding the reach of its existing offices in New York City and Toronto. And, this year, Capco opened offices in San Francisco and Chicago. All of its offices will be supported by an integrated team of professionals capable of delivering full-service consulting, technology and managed services.

"Today's marketplace presents several unique opportunities for Capco, and our success strategy is being very well received by many of the world's top financial organizations that recognize Capco for its deep industry knowledge and expertise," said Tom McKelvey, global chief operating officer and leader for North America, Capco. "Our assembly of world-class leaders and service professionals coupled with our expanded service capabilities will clearly deliver significant benefits to the financial services industry during a challenging period in its history. As a result, the marketplace will reward us and our clients' acknowledgment of Capco's contributions to their businesses will be reflected in our future growth. Our plans for North America are realistic and sustainable, and complement the growth that Capco has achieved in Europe over the last two years."

Leadership Appointments

Capco announced several key leadership appointments for its newly formed groups in North America. All of the following appointments are effective immediately:

• Tom McKelvey has been named global chief operating officer at Capco and leader for North America. He joined Capco from a Private Equity firm focused on the technology and services industry. Prior to that he spent almost 20 years with a leading global management and technology consulting firm as a managing director and executive vice president leading multiple businesses.

• Christopher Hamilton has been named partner at Capco and leader for the firm's North America go-to-market strategy and capabilities. Mr. Hamilton joined Capco from a leading global management and technology consulting firm where he was a managing director and senior vice president for its Global Finance, Risk & Compliance group.

• Joe Anastasio, partner, has been named co-leader of the Capital Markets group.

• Matt Cohn has been named partner and leader of the Banking group. Mr. Cohn joined Capco from a leading global management consulting and technology firm where he was a managing director in its Banking practice.

• Ido Gileadi, partner, has been named leader for the Canada region.

• Mike Haworth has been named partner and co-leader of the Capital Markets group. Mr. Haworth joined Capco from CAST Management Consulting. Earlier in his career, he was partner in charge of the Banking and Investment Services practice and directed the Capital Markets practice of a leading global management and technology consulting firm.

• Edward Hawthorne, partner, has been named leader of the Wealth & Investment Management (WIM) group.

• Nick Jackson, partner, has been named leader of the Operational Excellence and Target Operating Model solution set.

• Stephan (Mac) Jordan has been named partner and leader for the East region. He joined Capco from a leading global management and technology consulting firm where he was a managing director and vice-president in its Financial Services practice.

• Frank Mackris has been named partner and leader of the West region. Mr. Mackris joined Capco from a leading global management and technology consulting firm where he was managing director and vice president of its Banking practice.

• Mike Pugliese has been named partner and co-leader of the Finance, Risk & Compliance (FRC) group. Mr. Pugliese joined Capco from a leading global management and technology consulting firm where he was managing director and senior vice president for its World Class Finance practice.

"The race for talent has never been more intense than it is today as opportunities for this industry are beginning to reappear," said Christopher Hamilton, partner and leader responsible for Capco's North America go-to-market strategy. "We are making strategic investments now so that our clients can run their firms with greater efficiency as market activity expands. Capco is committed to attracting and retaining the industry's top executives and professionals - and the people we are adding to our existing exceptional team have had multiple job offers to choose from. They have chosen Capco because we can serve our clients without conflict and can participate with our clients and the regulators as experienced fact-based thought leaders."

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