Terry Williams appointed chairman, GBST Europe

Source: GBST

GBST (ASX:GBT) is pleased to announce the appointment of global securities industry expert Terry Williams as Chairman of GBST Europe and as an advisor to the GBST Board of Directors.

In this role, Mr Williams will provide high level advice and guidance to assist GBST in their efforts to capitalise on and further develop business opportunities in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Mr Williams brings significant entrepreneurial and industry experience to GBST. From 2002 to 2008 he spearheaded UK based software house Coexis Limited's transformation into a leading provider of technology solutions for global markets, initially as CEO and later as Executive Chairman. Mr Williams was the leader of the team that deployed the company's flagship software Syn~ at investment banks and brokers across Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific. Coexis was ranked among the top 100 fast-growing private technology companies in the UK in 2008 and was acquired by GBST in December 2008.

In Gartner's recently published MarketScope for Securities Processing Systems[1] research, no other global vendor ranked higher than Coexis and Syn~ with its componentised
configurability, full multi-currency, third generation software engineering and absence of legacy architecture was awarded a "positive" rank in the report.

Prior to joining Coexis Mr Williams led ADP Wilco, a subsidiary of global business outsourcing giant Automatic Data Processing Inc. Wilco, founded by Mr Williams created a world-renowned securities transaction management and processing product, Gloss, and grew to employ 1,200 people worldwide across eight global offices managing product development and distribution infrastructure. ADP purchased Wilco in 1996 when annual revenues were $20 million; Mr Williams remained with the business to April 2002 overseeing a five fold increase in revenues to $100 million over the eight years.

GBST founder and Chair Mr John Puttick said the appointment of Mr Williams has delivered a new dimension to the GBST international operations. "Terry Williams is an industry thought leader whose understanding of the securities market technology needs are second to none. He is recognised for creating innovative financial processing software for some of the world's most sophisticated financial institutions, his international business network reads like a Who's Who of custodians, brokers, fund managers and financial market operators. In addition Terry is admired and respected by leaders of boutiques and large institutions alike.

"GBST's acquisition of Coexis has opened up a number of exciting opportunities in the European securities markets; these are important and evolving markets. With Terry's
contribution, we will be well placed to take advantage of these exciting opportunities."

[1] Gartner Industry Research ID G00160652 23 September 2008 MarketScope for Securities Processing Systems by James Wolstenholme

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