FPL names Ryan Pierce technical director

Source: FIX Protocol Ltd.

FIX Protocol Ltd. (FPL) is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Ryan Pierce as FPL's Technical Director.

After conducting a public search that yielded several highly qualified candidates, the FPL selection committee, comprised of leaders from the Global Steering Committee (GSC) and the Global Technical Committee (GTC), felt that Mr. Pierce not only possessed a high level of competence and experience in financial services, he also provided over a decade of distinguished service to FPL.

Mr. Pierce has extensive experience within the electronic trading industry, much of which has been spent focused on FIX implementation projects with previous employers, Barclays Capital, Lehman Brothers and Townsend Analytics. He has been an active member of FPL since the 1990s and has contributed to the development of each version of the protocol since FIX 4.1, which was released in 1998. Mr. Pierce was responsible for adding listed derivatives support to FIX.4.1 and creating the market data suite of messages in FIX.4.2. Mr. Pierce is an active participant on the FPL Americas Regional Committee and the GTC where he will continue to serve as the Chair of the GTC Information Security Subcommittee. Mr. Pierce recently coordinated the delivery of the 'FIX Security White Paper' and in the past has been responsible for ensuring that the protocol can effectively support regulatory initiatives and aiding FPL in the development of collaborative relationships with other industry organisations.

As FPL Technical Director, Mr. Pierce will help guide the evolution of the FIX standard and will work closely with trading venues based across the globe to ensure that they are able to offer a standardised version of the FIX Protocol to their trading partners. Use of the FIX Protocol by trading venues is increasing and as markets continue to fragment and new trading venues emerge it is important that FPL helps to provide these institutions with the support required to deliver a standardised offering, which is of the greatest benefit to the wider industry.

Commenting on his reecent appointment Mr. Pierce stated "I have always taken a keen interest in the development of the FIX Protocol as I have witnessed first-hand the many advantages it offers to market participants. I am delighted to have been chosen for this position and whole-heartedly welcome the opportunity to contribute on a full-time basis to the on-going development and promotion of the FIX Protocol messaging standard."

Scott Atwell (Co-Chair FPL Global Steering Committee) of American Century Investments added "On behalf of the FPL organisation I would like to welcome Ryan to this position. Having worked closely with Ryan on many FIX initiatives over the past decade, I truly believe he has the skills, knowledge and experience to add significant value to the future of the FIX Protocol."

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