DSTi adds Jinda Wuttikreekiat and Sirivach Poolmasin too Thailand team

Source: DST International

DST International (DSTi) has today announced the appointment of two new positions in the DSTi Bangkok development centre and office.

Jinda Wuttikreekiat has been appointed to the position of Sales Manager, and Sirivach Poolmasin was appointed to the role of Technology Solutions Manager, Asia.

As Sales Manager of DSTi's Thailand operations, Jinda Wuttikreekiat, will be responsible for managing the growing Thailand sales team. Jinda has worked for DSTi Thailand for over 10 years and has extensive experience and understanding of the local market and practices.

After the announcement, Jinda said "I am delighted to move into this new role within DSTi. When I first joined DST Thailand in 1997 the Thai market was very small, and the business practices governing the market were relatively simple. Many asset managers ran their business on an Excel spreadsheet. At that stage, we launched our HiPortfolio investment accounting solution. The market has developed rapidly since then, and we have continuously released more of our solutions into the market and expanded our operations to fully support them. As the Thai market continues to mature, the business requirements are becoming more complex and demanding. Many domestic asset managers are now looking for Risk and Performance Analysis solutions. DSTi is a leader in this field, and has provided these services globally for years. In my new role I look forward to working closely with clients to determine their individual needs and to provide the best available solution for those requirements."

Sirivach Poolmasin also joined DSTi in 1997. Previously he worked with Securities Technology Integration (STI), a major supplier of Equity Trading Solutions that provided an Automatic Order Matching system for the Stock Exchange of Thailand, together with and a front office solution for brokers in Thailand. Sirivach has an impressive technology and development background; first as Project Manager on DSTi's Reporting platform for Investment Accounting, and later with DSTi's front and back office brokerage development team.

Speaking about h about his new appointment, Sirivach Poolmasin said "I have worked for many years on the development side of the business and I understand how our solutions can be of real benefit to clients. DSTi has 9 offices across Asia and 150 clients in 14 countries, with many of its customers working in emerging markets with developing business requirements. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing innovative solutions to our clients across the globe, and have produced a steady stream of upgrades, enhancements and new releases to reflect market demands. I look forward to working closely with our existing customers to help ensure they are getting maximum benefit and business value from our solutions. In addition, many prospective clients are looking to expand and upgrade their technologies, but feel they need to better understand the markets and the products before moving ahead. It is DSTi's objective to help our new and existing clients gain a greater understanding of market trends, help them better determine their business and technology requirements and provide them with a solution that meets those needs."

Mr Anurug Ruangrob, DSTi's Thailand and Vietnam General Manager and Director, said, "At DSTi we pride ourselves on service excellence and we recognize exceptional talent in our people. Both of these appointments today are an example of this. They will be of great benefit to both our new and existing clients. Our teams fuse local industry expertise with world class software, and it is only by providing excellence in customer relationships and solutions that DSTi will continue to expand in the region."

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