Korea Exchange names Lee Jung-Hwan chairman and CEO

Source: Korea Exchange

As new Chairman & CEO of the Korea Exchange (KRX) for the 2nd term, Lee Jung-Hwan, the former President of Management Strategy Division, has been selected at the shareholders meeting held on Mar 20, 2008.

Lee Chang-Ho, the former Chief of the National Statistical Office, was designated as President of the Management Strategy Division. LEE Kwang-Soo, the former Executive Director of the Management Strategy Division will succeed OK Chi-Jang, the head of Securities Market Division, in his post, following completion of his term of office. Lee Chul-Hwan, the Commissioner of the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit has been elected as Chairman of Market Oversight Commission.

Lee Jung-Hwan, new Chairman & CEO of the KRX announced the second new 3-year management plan in his inaugural address, which is summarized as follows.
  • Development of the next generation trading system
  • Development of KOSDAQ and Derivatives Markets
  • Opening of KOSDAQ prep school and establishment of the listing consulting group
  • Globalization
  • Suggestion of governmental deregulation
  • Reformation of the governance structure
  • Development of the Investment Financial Town.

During this shareholders meeting, the 3rd period financial statements, including the operating profit of KRW 207.4 billion and the net profit of current term of KRW 159.2 billion, was approved and the cash dividend of KRW 1,700 per share was declared.

  • 78.9% increase, compared to the previous year's dividends per share of KRW 950.
  • Total dividends : KRW 32.7 billion (*Total number of shareholders : 43 securities and futures companies)

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