Enigmatec's Steve Ross-Talbot appointed chair of W3C Web services group


Enigmatec Corporation today announced that its Chief Scientist, Steve Ross-Talbot has been appointed Chair of the W3C's Web Services Activity Coordination Group.

The goal of the W3C Web Services Activity is to develop a set of technologies in order to lead Web services to their full potential.

As chair of this co-ordination group, Ross-Talbot will be responsible for co-ordinating with the chairs of the of four W3C Web Services Working Groups and one Interest group: Web Services Architecture Working Group; XML Protocol Working Group; Web Services Description Working Group; Web Services Choreography Working Group and the Semantic Web Services Interest Group.

Ross-Talbot commenting on his appointment, "I am extremely honoured to have been selected by W3C to chair the Web Services Coordination Group. As Web Services standards start to become more mature and as we focus not just on the services themselves but on their management we are faced with a new set of challenges which will inevitably lead to closer cooperation and coordination of Web Services standards within W3C and with other organisations such as Oasis' relevant technical committees and GGF. Managing liaison activity is very much a part of what I shall be doing in my role. The bringing together of standards is critical to the vision that Enigmatec has long-held. Accepting this role is consistent with our continuing sponsorship of both the RuleML initiative and GGF."

Duncan Johnston-Watt, principal founder and CTO Enigmatec says "Enigmatec is a strong advocate of standards. When we started the company it was with a view to building scalable well managed distributed systems and this mirrors the aims and aspirations of the various standards bodies working on Web Services. Our technology employs and promotes existing standards that ensures longevity of existing applications, reduces integration complexity and permits the rapid integration of new processes."

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